~ My Love's Desire ~

 To be one is all I ever ask of you
Just respect me for what I need to do
No one else compares to you, I feel
It is in your presence, I want to kneel.


No other can make me feel so weak
No one else I even think to seek
I want to hold you in my arms forever
At all times I want us to be together.

 It's hard to share your love with others
With those who want to be your lover
I have been hurt many times in the past
Only you I want until the last.

 Truth makes what we have so real
At the times we are in touch with what we feel
When all I want is the whole world to know
You are mine to love, as well as hold.

My love's desire, is for only you
To be with, no matter what we need to do
The only thing in this world to see
Is to have your eyes filled with love for me.

Gary Salter 2005



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