~ My Mamaw ~

Let me tell you a story,
About the greatest woman of all,
Ever since I could talk,
I called this woman, Mamaw.

She's always been loving,
She's always been fair,
Even when I was bad,
Mamaw always was there.

When I was younger,
I also should say,
She woke me up,
For school every day.

With the aroma, I knew
Of a great breakfast awaits,
And that's one of the things,
That made my Mamaw great.

When my Mamaw moved to Florida
It seemed she was so far,
Now I look back,
She was in every beat of my heart.

I love her from her feet,
To her strawberry hair,
I love her to death,
If anybody cares.

When I was born,
I took a small piece of her genes
That's my Mamaw
Her name is Christine.

The greatest woman of all!

Written by: Eric Egelston, Her grandson,
Chee Chee Martin's nephew


Midi "Tears On A Rose" copyright Elan Michaels

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