~ My Mother ~

My mother always waited up for us
Worried if we were ever late
In winter she watched out the window
In summer at the garden gate.

We always hugged her so tenderly
Laughing at her foolish worry and care
We knew our home was always safe
Because our mother was there.

Her love and prayers were always for us
Important dates she never did forget
Mother made us feel special in every way
Always showing her love for us every day.

Now she is watching from heaven's window
And we make sure that we are not late
Because we know she still worries
Waiting for us at heaven's golden gate.


Glenna M. Baugh 3/25/05
Living by Faith

My mother was so special. She
taught us about the love of
Jesus, and how we should pray,
giving thanks to Him for each
and every beautiful day.

Midi is courtesy of Songs Of Praise.


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