~ My Mother, My Friend ~

Mama, I realize more and more
As I walk down this life's trail
That without you always there
Many times I would have failed

Always right by my side
You have been there
Giving to me encouragement
With ultimate love and care

I know I haven't always pleased you
In some things I endeavored to do
Even though you may not have approved
You never left my side, because that is not you

You have given me strength and guidance
To carry on always
Even when I have been sad
You have brought laughter to my days

We laugh and talk, kid and joke
Talking on the phone all through the day
One of the many traits I inherited from you
Is that we can always find things to say

I am so very blessed to have you
As my Mother and friend
Though I may not say it enough
My unending love to you I will always send

Ethel GG Kent 2005
Ethel's Love Poetry



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