~ My Peaceful Garden ~

Each morning I enter my peaceful garden
Where I meet my wonderful Savior
Under the shade of a beautiful tree
And tell Him everything I feel and see.

My peaceful garden is a work of love
With trees, flowers, butterflies, even a dove
The busy world around me fades away
As I talk to my Savior each day.

My peaceful garden is planted near a meadow
And watered by a gently flowing stream
Meeting my Savior there each morning
Fulfills my every dream.

The sun is rising and so much beauty I see
My peaceful garden is the way it should be
Now it is time for me to kneel and pray
Thanking my Savior for another new day.


Glenna M. Baugh © 2005
Living by Faith

"A peaceful garden is a place
to meet our Savior and pray"
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