Peek-a-boo, to most special you
I have for you my Christmas gift
Don't look, for just because
Because, with love I give you this

Tenderness and sweet delights
'Cause Jesus is, I give you love
Because He loves with all His heart
Here with this gift, to you I come

Though near to you I cannot be
I come with how He fills my heart
The spirit of our Jesus all
The prayer I now to you impart

For oh, our Savior, glorious day
His life He came to give away
Now peek-a-boo, this love I give
To you my heart, my Christmas gift

Soft Christmas whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

My prayer for you at Christmas is ever tender, true,
From thoughts of love and care, because it is for you.
You will always be so treasured, for just the way you are,
In every prayer at Christmas, always,
I keep you in my heart.
~ Blossoms~





Midi "I want to be with you for Christmas" by MCS

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