~ My Precious Love ~

My precious love is a gift you have given to me
You know who I am and all I want to be
I see you in my heart, my soul is in your eyes
You are the one I feel, I hear you when you sigh

My precious love is a gift from God above
Please take my hand, I, with you, can stand
I see a golden light, you are with me in the night
The sweetness of your lips, they bring me such bliss

My precious love is a gift of happiness
Dreams do come true, we are so in love, us too
When I see a falling star, my heart is where you are
You see me as I am, it does not matter
Your love for me withstands

My precious love is a gift of souls uniting to live
You love as a blind man, who hears with his heart
Never before knowing such beauty, a soul set apart
The glory and the purity, love has been there on it's own
In the precious gift of life, it never takes too long.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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