~ My Sister's Teddy Bear ~

Remember a time we were small
and needed a special friend
One that we could confide in
Remember when we told our deepest secrets
to our dolls or teddy bears
our laughter and our tears
year after year

Those cuddly friends were a little playmate
only we could see
It was like having a little angel
close, for you and me.

When we grow-up,
we listen to thoughts of love
We become our sister's teddy bears
Who once lived within their soul
through the laughter and tears
the pain of secrets only they could know

I am my sister's Teddy Bear as she is mine
I love my sister with all my heart
In return she tells me all her secrets
Such good stories she imparts
We talk about Christmas and the family
I see myself in my sister's eyes
Sometime afterwards, I cry

I will never forget my own sweet Teddy Bear
My dear sweet sister, mine
Who lives within my heart and soul.
When we are in heaven together,
we will begin anew..dearest teddy bear
I will be close to you

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet
My sister Christina's laughter,
sadness, and pain is no more
She is an angel now

If it was by accident we met,
by choice we became fast friends...
Friendship is a strange thing....
we find ourselves telling each other
the deepest details of our lives
things we don't even share
with our families who raised us...
But what is a friend? A confidant?
A touch of heaven? A fellow emailer?
A shoulder to cry on?
 an ear to listen and pray?
 a heart to feel?...
A friend is all these things...and more.
No matter where we met,
I call you friend.
A word so small...yet so large in feeling...
a word filled with meaning.




Midi "Turn Around"
Sequenced By
Martha Decker



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