Do you ever wonder about the secret recipe
Dreamed up, in heaven above
Mystery ingredients that are found
To concoct a friendly love

I ponder now what God may use
To blend us somehow nice
Then turn us out, so warm to share
Each tender slice of life

'Tis such a thing mysterious
How He gathers all required
For two hearts to come together
Just as we'd desire

I surely cannot work it out
But, I'm sure glad He can
So I just thank Him for our friendship
Formed by His loving hand


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

I cherish you because you are a God given friend,
the warmth from your smile in-between the lines,
gives me encouragement each day
Thank you so much.

Painting is by Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer

midi...Be my Friend
1997 by GN (c) No Bros
Alternate "Tell A Friend About This Site"

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