~ My Thanksgiving Blessings ~

I thank you God for blessings
You send to me each day;
I'm thankful for the sunshine
That helps brighten my way.

I'm thankful for my soul mate
He means so much to me.
I'm thankful for our children
They bring us so much glee.

I'm thankful for eyes to see
And think about those blind.
I'm thankful for friends so dear
They are one of a kind.

I thank you for Your healing hands
And pray for those who are ill.
I'm thankful for strength to carry on
As I seek to do Your will.

I thank you Lord for little things
Like a smile or a call from a friend.
The laughter of a little child
And a hug when day comes to an end.

I thank you Lord for grandchildren
It's a joy to see them grow.
I'm thankful for my little dogs
They cheer me up when I知 feeling low.

I thank you Lord for saving me
Once a sinner that's now set free!
I'm thankful for Your love for me
And grateful I will always be!

To me You are the reason
That we celebrate the season!
Every day I count my blessing
Jesus Christ, today, tomorrow,
In season forever!

Leona Etling 2006





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