~ My Thanksgiving Dream ~

When You asked me to fall in love
With You, You didn't have a plan
To disappoint and let me down
Your love only came to see me through
For I wanted so much to fall in love,
With someone who would be true

You didn't let me dream, an empty dream
You wanted me to see
Reality and truth
Of all You wanted to be,
In me

It was never a game of chase with You
You only desired to fulfill
My every heartbeat, my longing
because You knew
I wanted to fall in love
With someone who would love me,

It was such a perfectly beautiful thing, to ask me
To fall in love with You
To make my dream come true
For me to find Your way, of forever love
So I would feel loved this way
Only You
My one and only You
I needed to fall in love with
No-one else but You

Today at this special thanksgiving time
I don't know the words to use, but
I want to say Thank You

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006



Midi... -Dream of Me - M W Smith

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2006