If only I could send there something nice
And lovely, just for you,
To pass some thanksgiving friendship
From li'l me to you...

I think about my bunch of grapes
But they would turn to wine,
An apple crunchy, pear to munch
Tsk, how to make them fly...


I'd give my beaded necklet
Or what about my warmest hug,
Yet, how now, can I send it
So you're tickled with my love.


I have a pretty autumn leaf
Sigh, that sure won't travel far,
A wink, a smile, some music
To tell you from my heart.

How very glad I am
God said we would be friends
Oh, I know, I'll pluck soft turkey feathers
And with a hefty blow, there
all my love, I send and send and send...

Happy Thanksgiving, to my lovely friend

~*~  ~*~ ~*~

Soft whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

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