My War Buddies

I hear the bullets, they fill the air,
You can smell death, it's everywhere.
I see lifeless bodies, covering the ground,
My fallen comrades, are all around.

No where to run, really no where to hide,
Swallow your fear, that is hidden inside.
Pray that the fox holes, will hide you away,
From the bullets that riddle the air this day.

Will this war end, runs through your head,
As you look out over the wounded and dead.
A blanket of red, as far as you can see,
But not everyone here is a casualty.

Some are wounded, but they are still alive,
You can see the need in their eyes to survive.
God must have heard every prayer said,
Although there was no time to bow our head.

I see the medics now, they've come for you,
Help has arrived to do what they do.
The stretchers take those to helicopters that wait,
En route to a hospital before it's to late.

Maybe one day I'll see these soldiers again,
Perhaps I'll get to go and visit some of them.
But should I never get that chance to go,
Dear God take care of them, they are family you know !!


Brenda D King
Dedicated to:
William Gerald McClanahan
& many other Soldiers of War !!

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Don Carroll
Houston, Texas

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