~*~ Male Birthday Blessing ~*~

~ Male Birthday Blessing ~

My thoughts gather for your special day
In gratitude for blessings borne,
All that God unfolds each day
For the life you build upon

I'd like to thank you for the man you are
And for living faithful care,
You are to me of all that's kind
I'm glad you're always 'there'.

God be with you on your special day
And in your future when,
He will be with you day and night
In the goodness He will send.

As you share your happy smile
And keep giving from your heart,
You will know of purest joy
Showering on your path.

Tomorrow brings the gift of hope
Enshrouded by a perfect love,
May your life be filled with lasting peace
God's blessing from above.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Everything is laid out for you.
Your Path is straight ahead of you.
Sometimes it's invisible but it's there.
You may not know where it's going,
 but you have to follow the Path.
 It's the Path to the Creator.
It's the only Path there is.
Chief Leon




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