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~ The Name Of JESUS ~

A hill in Jerusalem long ago
Blessed Savior, YOU chose to climb,
There YOU paid the greatest price
As a ransom for this soul of mine.


It wasnít with silver and gold, YOU paid the price
But YOUR own precious blood shed as the sacrifice
I didnít deserve YOUR love in anyway at all
But I so thank YOU LORD, For the day,
I was one YOU chose to call.


YOU sent The HOLY SPIRIT to deal with my heart
Then my desire was, with sin I wanted no part.
Forever I will love and praise YOUR HOLY NAME
For I am one of YOUR children, YOU chose to claim
Now a home in heaven I am blessed to gain
Simply because, I called on YOUR precious name.

So sweet YOUR name dear LORD will always be to me,
From a life of sin, the name of JESUS set me free


Elizabeth Ann Biggs © 2005

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