~ The Names Of God ~

Have you heard the names
They call our blessed Savior?
Oh such beautiful names
They are recorded forever

The Lily of the valley
Rose of Sharon too
The Bright and Morning Star
Just to name a few

He is the great I Am
And Emmanuel He's called
The blessed Rock of Ages
He is the Lamb of God!

Alpha and Omega too
The Beginning and The End
Look at all these titles
And they all belong to Him

He is the Good Shepherd
For He loves all His sheep
Shepherd is a name
He will always keep

He is Jehovah' Jireh
My wonderful provider
He is Jehovah' Tsidkenu
The one who cares for you

But we know the name
Above all other ones
JESUS Christ the Savior
God's one and only Son!

There is no greater name
That scriptures do record
That ever will be higher, than


Betty Hill 2005

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