Many times living down by the water
Weíve watched the sailboats, and motorboats
And very large barges come into the Marina

There is something so special about the water
The breeze; fresh air and the lighthouse
especially at night when itís lit

Weíve seen many a sunset so awesome a view
When the sky looks pink, blue and golden
Then the sun appears to sink into the water

I often pictured Jesus and His disciples fishing,
pulling in their nets so full of fish for everyone
Sharing, caring and feeding the hungry

Jesus gave us many examples of how to care
for one another. These people are the real heroes
Our soldiers, firemen, police and medical personnel

These are special people who give aid to the needy
We can all help especially when a homeless person asks
Here in our city, the mission has cards printed up

Where to go, how to get there, food and bed for a night
Especially if you donít want to hand out cash
Some here sleep in the bus terminal mostly in winter

There are many ways to help: Volunteer, Be a big brother
Show someone that you care, other than your loved ones
Teach your children how to volunteer too

Itís rewarding! On most jobs they ask for volunteers
every year; to help paint a house, or pick up trash
Have you helped someone today, even just lend an ear!

God Bless each and every one of you!
Joyce Ann Geyer © 2006

God loves a cheerful giver.
2 Corinthians 9:7



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