~ Never As In Forever ~
by: O' Puppy

You always find a way to ask me if I will ever leave you
And I just smile and promise you that as long
As there are stars up in the heavens
I will never leave you my love
Never as in ... forever

You say that we were made for each other for all times
But then your fears take over and you ask
Will you always be there for me
Again I say forever my love
For you ... forever

You're so much about love that you don't understand
I'm the one who would die without you for me
And if you dare thought for one minute
I could live without you now
You're so wrong ... never   

As long as the sun rises to kiss a new morning dawn     
        I'll be here loving you more than the day before              
Reminding you that the sun will set soon
And we will have each others love
Growing as always ... forever

If in time you still find a need to ask me if I'll leave you
I will again smile and touch your lips with my fingers   
As I whisper those words from my heart 
That were meant for you and only you
Never my love ... as in forever

Ronnie D. Shreve
2003 with permission

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