~ Never Meant To Hurt You ~

I have no idea why I did it
Leaving you in such a mess
If there were any way for me to undo it
Then I would try to do my very best.

It's not that I don't love you anymore
For that is so far away from the truth
No I did not want to block off our doors
It might be as simple as wanting to relive my youth.

I made a big mistake in the way I was thinking
Forgetting what is most important in my life
Lost myself in the ways of old with drinking
To ruin, what became for me, most right.

My heart is tearing apart because of my sins
Trying to think of how to turn back the clock
To stop it all before it has a chance to begin
To regain the respect and love I have lost.

Gary Salter 2005



Photography by Ian Britton 

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