~ New Brother ~

Baby came home today
To join his family
Every one is happy
But little sister you see!

She feels she'll be left out
While Brother steals the show
So be sure to include her
So she will always know

That she's got a job to do
To help shape her brother's life
Because what he sees her do
He'll try doing it twice

Now this is so important
That she understand
Little brother will need her
If just, to hold his hand

Sibling's get confused
At a very early age
If too much attention is given
It can throw them in a rage!

Those little "temper" things
That's not really all their fault
They react that way
Until they have been taught

That it's not the thing to do
The love will not run out
They will get their share
There's no need to pout

Betty Hill 2005



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