~ New Year Key ~

A new year is looming
What shall it hold
Of good or ill
Within my soul,
What if I fail
And get it wrong
What if I don't
Feel I belong,
What if I fall
And never know,
What if I'm left
Here all alone,
Where shall I go
Or where shall I turn
If all goes wrong
My heart shall burn.

But, if I look
For someone else
To hold the key
And open doors
To close each fear
That maybe call,
All will be well
And not mine to bear
For He is the one
To always care
He'll carry me
And hold my hand
Up highest mountain
Or deepest vale
He'll be the one
To never fail.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

What seems too difficult for us
is a sure sign that it belongs to God.
Marie DePree

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