My New Year Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven above
Thank you for YOUR Love
Thank you for the past blessings
Thank you for the new ones to come.

Dear Father, as we face a new year
I pray for peace, the world to know
As our beloved sons, in a far away land
Daily shed their blood on desert sand.

Dear Father, cleanse our land
So stained with sin, it has become
As the people want to push you away
Along with YOUR Precious Beloved SON.

They seem to forget, our country once honored YOU
It was blessed, beyond measure by YOUR hand
But now YOUR name, some demand we don't even speak
Then ask why, so many disasters are happening in our land.

Oh GOD, I pray our eyes will open
For our hearts, not to be more hardened
Forgive us, our weakness and trespasses
Our great many sins, Dear GOD please pardon.

You will Heal again our land, Oh LORD
If we will pray, and turn from our wicked ways
Then would we, bless and honor thee
Only then YOUR blessings again on us, could be.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs

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