~ No-one Died For Me Before ~

O Lord Jesus, as they beat You raw
And kicked You down upon that road
I wonder at Your heart
That made You rise to bear my load

What passion in Your soul
When no-one understood
Alone, You found the strength
To crawl with love upon that wood

I imagine how You staggered
Your manhood fully crushed
But step by step Your love
Proved more than just enough

From the tender age of twelve You knew
How each day might fill with dread
But You gave each breath to only live
This cruel painful death

Thus with each step You whispered
Only of Your love for me
No moment of Your life You breathed
Except to set me free

Take me then, Lord Jesus
I cannot live now as my own
With love like this, to give me all
Your life is all I want to know

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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