~ Not Accepting Blame ~

The lines on your face tell a tale
Of a life lived, not too well
Mistakes and choices that were made
What did you give up, what did you trade?

The road you traveled on, led nowhere
You kept complaining, that life wasn't fair
You never looked for answers, you blamed everyone
You thought your life was over, before it begun.

You never took responsibility, for your actions
Always searching for, some satisfaction
Complaining about your life, everyday
But you're the one, who made it that way.

Now you're elderly, and up in years
Still complaining, through all your tears
Never admitting, what you did was wrong
Always singing, your "woe is me" song.

You turned on the ones, who always cared
Spewed your venom, cursed, and sweared
Accused them of many wrongful deeds
While always talking, about your needs.

For all you've done, you'll answer for one day
Blaming everyone else, for your ways
One person has always tried to reach you
Jesus has, but couldn't get through.

You've closed your mind, your soul, and heart
Never willing, to make a new start
When the day comes, you will be shown
You'll answer for all the seeds you have sown.


CheeChee Martin
© 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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