~ October's Voice ~

It is so loud our ears cannot hear
A warning of a future that we should fear
It is in our bones, we feel the speech
As Autumn winds drift along singing sweet.

In less than a thought, it will rain
As a moment before, on windows shone sweet sunrays
Soaked to the bone, when you need a walk
Teeth start rattling, when trying to talk.

But on return it could take a break
And the sun speak softly, so a stroll I choose to take
Winds sing softly, as trees gently shower
Autumn now being at it's best, any given hour.

Yet, it can also scream with winds that pierce
Bellowing the future it is bringing, so very fierce
Vibrating our souls that autumn's message is passed
Warning us, that soon we'll feel winter's wrath.

October's voice, if you listen, is there to warn
And at the same time it still tries to warm
Crying to us of November's chilling fingers
And telling us that September's winds still softly linger.

 Gary Salter 2005


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