~ The Old School ~
by: O' Puppy

I passed the old school yesterday
So many years had slipped away
It seemed much larger way back then
This place I spent so much time in

With pride I turned the car around
To wander dear familiar ground
Reliving childhood memories
Of baseball cards and A B C's

The field of dreams where I would play
Was lifeless and in disarray
That fence I thought was twelve feet tall
Still stood with rust but looked so small

And where the swing sets used to be
A parking sign said "FACULTY"
Guess nothing ever stays the same
Why .. I forgot my best friends name

I closed my eyes in silent prayer
For moments I was blessed to share
My teachers, friends, the golden rule
I found them all in that old school


 Ronnie D. Shreve
2002 (used with permission)

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