~ On Being a Mother ~

Being a mother
What's better - what's worse
Surely God's blessing
Or was it a curse :-)

No other "challenge"
Will match this for sure
You're suppose to be perfect
Always loving and pure

You have all the answers
As they head to the door
But all of the questions
Were just changed once more

No other vocation
You choose as your own
Will last your whole lifetime
Or make houses - Home

It's really quite simple
When children are small
You run get a bandage
Whenever they fall

You kiss the hurt, knowing
You did it just right
And only a "Mother's"
More comfort at night

Fathers are great
They always make money
Ten minutes a day
They're hilariously funny

But caring for children
Where is it written
You're doing your job
Dad's just baby-sitting

You know when the children
Will sure need their mittens
You're doing the laundry
(While birthing the kittens)

Scrubbing and cleaning
Are jobs you do best
Funny how you
Never really need rest

A Physic, a Genius
But wait - there is more
Forget you are Queen Mother
When Dad's at the door

He thinks you look sexy
Says, How, why was your day hard
You just watched the kids
Cleaned the house, raked the yard

These sweet little lives
God's entrusted to you
Grow up - now teenagers
Oh My - what did you do

All of life's knowledge
Has just slipped away
You're now dumb and dumber
Your hair's even turned gray

Yet somehow you make it,
And being a Mom
Must be your life's purpose
For one day they come

In passing they tell you
You know it's just great
Having you for a Mom
I'll be back about eight

It has to have purpose
You are of such worth
For being a Mother
Doesn't mean giving birth

It's caring, it's sharing
It's feeling the pain
It's loving, it's knowing
You have to stay sane

It's looking much deeper
Going one extra mile
Easing their sorrows
Enjoying their smiles

You don't stop being Mother
Postponed 'cause of rain
Isn't a sign hung
In your window pane

Jack of all trades
Takes years to discover
Was meant to describe - YOU
Instead of just Mother

Your hair is a mess
Your makeup is nil
Someone might think
You are over the hill

Where are my keys
Where's my best sweater
No socks in the drawer
My! You have to do better

Cobwebs in the corner
Dust everywhere
Where are her ribbons
To tie in her hair

God hung the moon
Put stars in the sky
Painted the sunset
No need asking why

He always knows best
Just look around
At oceans 'n mountains
Or snow on the ground

One day in His wisdom
He mastered a plan
Mother and child
(And of course there was Man)

It worked - yes it did
Nothing is missing
You know deep inside
It was really His blessing

I'm sure in His wisdom
There will come the day
That others will notice
And others will say -

You've done so well
At Mothering you're the best
Now that you're eighty
Why not take a rest

Go on a cruise
See foreign shores
Get you a life!
(Dear, was I living yours?)

Well, thanks just the same
I'm just not ready yet
Perhaps I'll just sit here
Maybe crochet or knit

It worked! Yes it did
Nothing is missing
You loved it - You lived it
Being Mother's your blessing


Mary Anne Ray 2000

You never earn your raising 'til
you raise your own

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