~ One Destiny ~

Have you ever felt you have been here before
That you have danced, on the very same floor
The woman in your arms has always been there
With this feeling you know, there is nothing to care

Two hearts, two souls, two minds, one destiny
This to repeat itself, for all eternity
Just the both of us living in heaven's bliss
An infinity of one fine long passionate kiss

Hearts are separate, but feelings are the same
A need for our being together, forever again
Our two souls entwined in an eternal embrace
Given to us by our Lord's own loving grace

Our minds are separate, but think so much alike
Of taste in our surroundings and the way to live life
We live in harmony with all the world's great gifts
Such is the treasure, that our love...gently drifts

Just one destiny that was written in God's hand
Together in life, against all odds we stand
Loving with passion, that comes with a love so true
I am glad this destiny was made for me and you

Gary Salter 2005


Midi "Look At Us"
Sequence By Dick Anderson