~ One Of Spirit ~

Was the middle of summer after evening light
Walking the side of the road, not a ride in site
The only glow was from the million stars
The closest settlement, not in reach for many hours

Still it felt safe in the forest, so deep and dark
Found a spot where my sleeping bag I could park
Eyes softly closed as sleep overtook me
With the feeling that I was safe as I could ever be

Woke in the night, with a wet nose against mine
With slow movements I opened my eyes
There in my face, a wolf as proud as should be
I saw no danger in those yellow eyes looking at me

He took a step back so I could look around
His pack was there, not making any threat or sound
I knew he was judging me, seeing deep in my soul
I knew that he found out all there was to know

He saw inside me, a soul just wanting to be free
On this night I am sure that he adopted me
We were one of spirit living with the land
He actually gave me a lick on my open hand

I swear he gave a wink as he let out a yelp
The others faded away, so we could be alone is how I felt
He turned and walked to the edge of the trees
Then with a bark, he bid a pleasant future to me

All of God's creatures were meant to be as brothers
To accept the truth we find in each other
That night, I was adopted by the spirit of the wolf
I learned a lot from him, without any words to be told

The Lord made that meeting occur on a dark night
I know this, as there was no need for fear or flight
Just a meeting of His creatures to try and understand
That for everything on earth He has a plan

Gary Salter 5/28/05


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