~ On The Road Again ~ 

Well, I've been all hemmed in
But I'm ready to move on,
To set free my old shackles
And croon another song.

I want to push on ahead
Run freely with the wind,
To travel on a new path of light
Where I've never been.

Lift up my steps with new courage
So my spirit will be free,
Brave to change the patterns of life
That always have been me.

I'll leave the past behind
For that's where it belongs,
No more will I replay over and over
The memory of wrongs.

Take me where the sun shines bright
The birds woo with their call,
Mountains shelter silver skies of joy
And it is cold no more.

I want to get back on the road
And travel straight ahead,
No more turning off the level track
Or by my whims be led.

Lord, keep me traveling light
Shed me of all the traits,
That slow down the journey onward
With such heavy weights.

I would feel the sun warm on my back
Soft breezes in my face,
No dark cloud to slow me down
From this steady pace.

Come on boy, let's ride
Come, lift your head up high,
We're embarking on adventure
that will take us to the sky.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


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