~*~ Open Your Gift ~*~

As we have been blessed to awaken with a new day ahead
let's say our prayers and greet the day with all our heart
for God surely loves us, just look at His gifts

Let's start with knowing He does love each and every one of us,
no matter who we are, where we are or what we've done,
We ask for forgiveness and all is washed away.

Then just peek outside see the love He shows,
the wonderful sunrise
as He paints the sky with awesome beauty.

He sends the morning bird to sing songs
to delight your soul and give that extra lift
to bring a smile to your lips

Feel the gentle breeze as it glides around you,
giving you His hugs,
reminding you to feel special and truly loved.

Let Him in to fill your heart with all these wonderful gifts
He is trying to show you every morning
the love He has for you.

"I Love you my child! I'm here for you!
All you have to do when I knock, is let Me in.."

Open your gift
Have a wonderful day.
God Bless

Celest Hillebrecht  2005

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