~ Our Destiny ~

The wind is blowing, the air smells sweet
I close my eyes and then retreat.
To a past time when things were grand
When love was known throughout this land.

And the words so softly spoken
Knowing that his heart must be broken.
Still he speaks those tender words
Everyone listens, yet no one has heard.

Continuing on their daily course
Sins being committed, no remorse.
Then I open my eyes to see
The world has changed, it's full of greed.

I'll close my eyes once again
Too much hatred, too much sin.
Take these visions, take them away
I don't want to see or hear what they say.

This downward spiral we seem to be on
You're telling me now, it won't be long.
"Speak my words to others and share
Are you listening? Do you care?"

I opened my eyes with a start
Was this a dream that tore into my heart?
Clearly a message was given to me
Change our ways and we'll change our destiny.

 Chee Chee Martin 5-27-05



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