Gaze upon us moon on high
Saturate us in your silver light
Bathe us in the mist of darkness
Drift silently on unseen chords
Ruler of the night

Whisper secrets in the shadows
Streak the studded sky
Glow in ambience, hold back the tide
Enhance the deep unfathomable mantle
Oh halo divine

Though clouds may shroud your aura
Your permanence remains
A symbol of the continuity
God's enduring symbol since time began
For now, the underside of day

Yet, your time is limited
One coming day you will be no more
For God's eternity holds no night
No misty darkness
The curtain will fall on your soft nimbus
At the heralding of our call

For I, I am a survivor,
God has another plan for me
He will take me to the dawning of the day
Yet seemingly insignificant and fragile
On the path of unending life,

I will forever stay

And shall you, my friend of this enduring night
Travel ever on with me,
Under this paling moonlight
Into that morning we shall surely see

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Why grow we weary when asked to watch with our Lord?
Up, longing heart, Jesus calls thee!
Rise and go forth to meet the Heavenly Friend
In the place where He reveals Himself.
~ Edward McKendree (E. M.) Bounds ~


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