~ Passing On ~

You're now taking your last breath
You're floating down a long hallway
Each friend who's passed on before you
Is there helping you along your way.

Letting you know how you touched their lives
The difference that you've made
Ushering you towards the distant light
Not wanting you to be afraid.

Deceased loved ones are at the end
Arms opened wide to welcome you
To a place so full of love and beauty
Jesus now will walk you through.

He'll take you off to one side
Review your life and what you did
Acts of compassion and aggression
And the things He did forbid.

Your life will be played before you now
Different scenes will come into view
He'll point out things you should've done
Your sins will be counted, two by two.

A tear will slowly roll down His cheek
But His love will always show through
Be remorseful for all your sins
He'll walk in the valley with you.

Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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