~ As Passion Flares ~

It has never left our side, since day one
The need of the comfort with you, it did come
Sparks would fly, tension so very sweet
Every time together, it was meant to be.

Each kiss sends a shock all through your body
Each other's touch, feels the warmth so lovely
Hearts beating to a rhythm that is ours alone
Such fireworks we view, when we are at home.

Time may have past but the old feelings are still there
When most needed, the passion still flares
From now and forever, you will be to me
The one to light that fire, when I feel need.

So if you see me glancing, deep within your eyes
It is the sparks I watch there, they still fly
The heat from our souls, together for so long
As it has been told, this is where we belong.

Gary Salter 2005


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