by: O' Puppy

Time was when life was like being at sea
There was no end to where it would take me
Drifting along like a boat without sail
Out of control like a kite with no tail

Days into nights as the years slipped away
Watching my hair slowly turning to grey
Living like there was no end to it all
Suddenly I'm with my back to the wall

Candles that burned from both ends now are dim
I have a pain in almost every limb
My face looks worse than the grey in my hair
I can't keep up with the world that's out there

Oh, and the ocean that carried my dreams
Now is a tub filled with prescription things
I'm feeling tired when I'm feeling my oats
My lazyboy has replaced all those boats

Life full of time is a life almost gone
Days into nights left me drifting alone
One day my candle will no longer shine
All that once was will have been left behind

If I could do it all over again
I'd buy a sail and find course in the wind
My kite with tail would soar high in the sky
I wouldn't let one sweet day pass me by

Ronnie D. Shreve
2003 used with permission



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