~ Please Come to Me ~

I saw you walking yesterday.
Without a care in the world.
Your smile had a lot to say,
Wishing I was your girl...

Chills ran up and down my spine,
Hoping we could be together.
Our love would age like rare old wine.
A love that would not sever...

Thinking of you every day,
Wishing you could be mine.
Hoping that you'd choose to stay,
My day would be so fine...

Your hair black as coal,
Eyes so very dark brown.
To be with you, is my goal,
With you, I'd never frown...

You make me feel alive again,
With your smile so big and bright!
Oh! where should I begin,
You take me on an eagle's flight!

Your hands so very strong,
Yet gentle to the touch.
With you is where I belong,
I love you so very much!

I would fulfill your every need.
And take care of you so well.
Loving you without the greed.
Our story I'd never tell!

You came to me with open arms.
Hoping I'd open mine to you...
Now I give you all my charms.
From a heart so very true.

Would you please be mine?
From deep down inside...
I will love you for all time.
Letting the Lord be our guide.

Here's to hoping you'll come to me,
With arms open wide.
I can give you a guarantee!
I'll always want you by my side...

I love you...

Diane M. Lamphere 7/31/2006




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