~ The Power of Prayers ~

It comes to you suddenly and you cannot prepare
For your life is in shatters, it does not seem fair
Still we have friends that will help and always be there.

A loved one is sick and not looking very good
The answer we need is a spiritual food
So in our faith, together in prayer, we stood.

Voices asking the Lord for his help
For someone loved and not for ourselves
To give them strength to again stand so proud.

With prayer does come answers, maybe not what we ask
It does put back together what was broken in the past
Strength for the spirit of the one with the task.

Do not be afraid to ask in your prayers
You never know the power of the Lord and what he will bring to bear
When many voices come together for someone you care.

Ease them from their pain, giving them strength to go on
Reminding us that in his heart is where we belong
As we watch the loved one start to come along.


Gary Salter 2006
I wrote this to thank all those who stood with me
in prayer for my wife's quick recovery.
It showed to me the real power in Prayer


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