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~ A Prayer Answered ~

A good friend that we met through the internet
Was felled by a stroke that made us all fret
We were told he would never come home again
And that walking was something he would not regain


So we prayed to our Lord to make him well
For his wife to be relieved from her living hell
To join us again in this virtual chat
And become again, the good old joking chap

Well, the Lord did hear our prayers for help
As now he is walking, all by himself
Day visits he was making to his wife so dear
But we prayed on and in His wisdom He did hear


To my surprise, our friend came on the computer last night
Told me he was home for good and how it felt right
Yes, he has problems, but none of them matter
Our prayers have helped him to keep getting better

So I thank the Lord for only in His wisdom
This very good friend had a second chance given
Home again with his wife, in her arms he can sleep
Again we can laugh and his company keep


Gary Salter 2005

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