A New Day
Prayer In My Journal

Dear God,

You know that I have said many prayers
since I recorded the one I put in writing
on the previous page.
You also know that I just repeated that
very same prayer.

Although my prayers may not all be written
in my journal as I first intended -
I know that You hear each one of them.
I see You working things out
and answering
my prayers in the way that You see best fit.

Thank You for being there for me and others as I pray.
Thank You for all the wonderful things You do.
Thank You for loving me and
holding my hand when I am weak.
I know that You care for me and love me.

Yesterday was an overwhelming day for me
but, You helped me get through it.
I asked You for strength - You gave me strength.

You helped me to say good-bye to some things,
face some painful truths, share Your Word,
gave me some "quiet" time as I ate with my loved ones,
and You even sent me butterflies
to replace the ones that I just let go.

You know what I am talking about.
Your sign to me did not go unnoticed.
Thank You, thank You, thank You!

You are my Father and I love You.
In Jesus name I offer my thanks and pray.


Sandra Ann Cauley 2006

"Turning the chatter of the television off as you
eat with your loved ones is the way I feel it is
and was always meant to be at meal time."


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