~ Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner ~

A delicious aroma
Is in the air
A Thanksgiving dinner
Is being prepared.

My stomach is growling
Can't wait to eat
Mom is cooking
Such a feast.

My mouth is watering
I just can't wait
A small piece of turkey
My hunger will abate.

But Mom has caught me
A smack on my hand
"Wait until dinner"
From the kitchen I'm banned.

So now I wait
Time drags on
The aroma is enticing
It seems so long.

The dinner is ready
"Ya'll come and eat"
I'm first in line
Oh what a treat.

I'll have some turkey
And potatoes too
Pass the yams
Oh I'm not through!

Give me some dressing
And cranberry sauce
Pass me a roll
Or give it a toss.

I'll get some dessert
As soon as I'm done
And when I'm finished
I'll weigh a ton! :-)

Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
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