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~ Priest And The Lamb ~

I wonder what the Lord says to the priest
when he says forgive me Father , for I have sinned.
I molested another child .. today again.

Does The Lord tell him... go my son and sin no more?
Will he tell him to say fifty Hail Mary's?
Does the priest quake on his knees upon the floor?
Like the innocent child who found this priest so scary.

Does The Lord remind him...
Feed my flock and tend my sheep?
For it was in your care...
I gave them to you, to protect and keep.

Who hears the child beg for deliverance from evil
Will the child forgive his trespasser or become a transgressor.
All the while Satan stands in the wings...smiling at the priest
Satan a proud father, he slaps his wayward child on the back
Delighted by his evilness he sanctions each attack

A child's screams fall upon deaf ears
He never recovers through the passing of the years
Who do they turn to when Gods right hand man has sinned
A child so afraid to say a word, he lets the devil win

An innocent lamb was brought to slaughter
His body and soul used for barter
Rest Assured God was there when he knelt before his altar
The innocents redeemed
His judgment and sword shall never falter


Bonnie Ray
Mary Frances Perez
Dedicated to all children suffering child abuse
living or dead

If you suspect any type of child abuse please call
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-252-2873


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