~ Promise Kept ~

There is legend up here in the north
How the Great Spirit teaches us to grow
In the story of the woman lost away from her tribe
Her husband there at her very side

They were between some cubs and their mother
The choice of two ways, one run, but attack for the other
He turned to his wife giving this promise to her
Run, but remember I will always be at your side
Then he turned his attention to the bear, putting all else aside

A passing wolf saw this, and thought what sacrifice
As he gave the man's soul a body in which to ride
Together they came to this decision
The wolf the promise would keep, a lasting love given

As she was running, she saw the wolf not far off
It became apparent, a predator it was not
She became comfortable seeing it day after day
Knowing that she was safe with wolf not far away

She remembered the words her love had last spoken
The promise she now knew, was not being broken
The wolf did not let her out of site in any way
She knew it would be thus, 'til her dying day

Gary Salter 2005

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