~ A Promise To Keep ~

It's funny how quickly time does pass
And how much we've changed o'er the years
In our youth all we knew was true love
But now it's been replaced with tears.

We shared so much in days gone by
How did we wind up like this?
We seem to be merely existing
What happened to all the bliss?

We both have to work just to get by
We're like ships that pass in the night
Too tired to cuddle, hug, and kiss
We both know this isn't right.

Our marriage is suffering from neglect
With time we can strengthen it
We can bring it back the way it was
But we both have to agree to commit.

It is something we both need to do
A promise we need to keep
To salvage what's left of this marriage
To take that step, that leap.

So many words have been left unsaid
We can fix this and begin anew
Our lives seem to be in a rut
Let's start by saying "I Love You!"

Chee Chee Martin 2006

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