~ 'Puter Christmas Surprise ~

I heard a li'l ring upon my 'puter,
In my box, what was it for
And there upon my window screen
A Christmas letter there to read

I saw it was from my sweet friend
And thought 'twould see it later then
For I wasn't sure to open yet
Or wait til Christmas day was set

But then, there to myself I said
You need to open from your friend.
So then I did, and glad I was
For there within, was all your love

I found your heart, my hand you held
I read your card, your love to tell
I also found of all you wrote
And there within, I felt at home

'Tis all about the love you send
So glad was I, all from 'My Friend'
So lots of love and thank you's fly
For such a very sweet surprise

For, how your words bring you alive
To have you here, right at my side
Oh, I can see, you surely are
So caring for me, from the heart

Soft whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

In this old world that we live in
There is one great joy that everyone can share
The joy of giving to the
People for whom we care
If you show love in small ways
It is always there
To be giving and forgiving
Is to know the reason why we're living
What's so hard about giving?
It's a perfectly simple art
The blessing is to live with love from the start
And to give with an open heart
Leslie Bricusse / Henry Mancini





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