~ My Computer Went On Strike ~

Oh me, oh my, I'm at a loss
Whatever shall I do
My computer broke down once again
How can I talk with you.

What did I do years ago
Before this computer was here
If I remember correctly
I talked by phone with those who were near.

I never conversed with anyone
That lived so far away
Like England, Australia, and New Zealand
But these people now make my day.

I miss the e-mails and the chats
I wonder how long it will take
For my computer to be up and running
I'm going through withdrawal for heaven's sake.

Every morning and evening I send out greetings
From my heart to my wonderful friends
Do you miss receiving them and hearing from me
Let me assure you, this is not the end!

'Cause now I will back everything up
What's on my computer to a CD disc
So if it decides to go on strike
No e-mails or greetings will you miss.

I'll just load it onto hubby's computer
And I'll be as happy as can be
I can resume my e-mails and the chats
This will work out perfectly!

Chee Chee Martin 2005

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