~ The Raggedy Drum ~

Once , long ago, there was a Raggedy Drum
One drum a little boy would tat on, for Jesus had come
For one little baby, wrapped in a swaddling cloth
Was born in a manger, born to save the lost

This Raggedy Drum, though worn out, and old
Gave music to Jesus, as He lay in the cold
Born in a stable, with no comfy bed
Yet this little drum, would soothe Him, it's said!

Little Drummer Boy felt, he must make a way
To shower small Jesus, with blessings this day
So he took his old drum, and searched high, and low
To find baby Jesus, as he walked through the snow

Little Drummer Boy worried, for his gift was so small
Just him, and his drum, "how could that soothe at all?"
For his drum was in tatters, a hole in its skin
And he felt in his heart, he would not be let in

He arrived at the stable, where Jesus was born
And he knocked on the stable door, in clothes all torn
To his surprise, he was led to Jesus' side
And he tatted his drum, with much love, and pride

How humble he felt, when he beat that old drum
For he knew it was special, for Jesus had come
He learned the best gift of all, isn't bought from store
It's the gift from your heart, that means so much more.


Debbie Looney 2005

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