~ Rekindle the Fire ~

The fire of our passion still burns hot
Reason is, we never forget what we have got
The love and desire will always be there
We do not let the flame grow low that we share

Always ready to learn from each other
Never the need to take another lover
We keep the fire burning so very strong
We know that our lives will not last that long

Always searching for ways to keep our love alive
So this I forever swear, it will survive
Wanting for naught, for our hearts are strong
Though sometimes it seems hard, we still get along

The reason for this is so very easy to see
As for each other, we are the best we can be
Passions burn so hot, to warm our very souls
So that together we will happily grow old

That is the reason we try as hard as we can
To keep the fire hot enough to warm up the land
Because as a couple there is never any doubt
We rekindle the fire that never went out 

Gary Salter  April 20, 2005
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