~ Remember ~

Remember the sun and how it shines
and God's love, his hand holding mine
Remember the blue sky and clouds up above
and The Holy Spirit within, who has so much love
Remember the stars in the night
and the dreams we hold so tight
Remember the flowers flowing in the breeze
and the birds singing in the tree

Remember a small child singing a song
and that life will always go on
Remember the church folk who can share
every problem with a prayer
Remember Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day
and how you live such happy ways

Remember the parks, and picnics we knew
and heaven's streets paved in golden hue
Remember your family and how they laughed
and the hope you carry will always last
Remember Jesus, who waits for your soul
that in Him there is no growing old
Remember the butterfly
on your window, looking in
Remember your birth
God will keep you, there is no end.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet



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