~ I Remember When ~

Waking in the morning to the smell of baking in the air
Just getting light, jump out of bed, the dew still softly there
Fetch the cold water and chop wood for the stove
But the hot breakfast waiting, on your mind the most

Walking down the street, say 'morning' to everyone we see
Stop at the general store for a chat and everything we need
Getting mail from the post office that was just uptown
Friends as well as neighbors, you found them all around

Using rain water from a barrel to clean up your clothes
Go to the garden to pull carrots or dig fresh potatoes
Maybe salad greens are what you need up the back
Cleaning the outhouse was dirty but you washed at the tap

Afternoon was made for play as well as so much fun
Finding some shade so you can get out of the sun
Climbing trees or just riding 'round with friends
Wishing so the day would never come to an end

Supper was a feast that filled an empty belly
Time enough, just to rest, and without a telly
Dishes done and all fetched needed for the morning
Just sit, to watch the sunset in her magnificent glory

Times were simpler then, with cartoons on the radio
Never felt alone as to anyone nearby you could go
Locks were never used as there was really little thieved
Community and church were all you would ever need

Gary Salter 2006




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